3 Business Suitable for Students Without Capital

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Maybe it has crossed your mind about how to get additional income while you are still in college and there is no capital to start a business. Can you? Of course, you can do it. Here, infoptn.id summarizes 3 businesses that are suitable for students without capital.

1. Dropshipper

Perhaps you are familiar with the term dropship, and the uniqueness of this dropship is that we do not require stock of goods to sell to sellers. course dong, let’s discuss the meaning of dropship first. Dropship is a type of selling goods where we only need to market and sell the belongings of others or other parties without us buying first (stocking goods). Here we only forward goods that have been ordered in advance to suppliers or distributors.

After that, the supplier will send the goods that have been ordered by the buyer. Here we seem to have a private online store (even though it is not so).

So it can be concluded that this dropship business is very suitable for students. In addition to the need for capital, this business also belongs to the freelance business class. Someone who runs this business only needs to promote it through their respective social media accounts, such as by displaying photos of goods in WhatsApp stories. When customers want to buy, you only need to tell suppliers or distributors to send the goods, and, of course, use the name of your own online store. Then the question is, where do we get the benefits? So, the profit itself we can get from the difference in price given by the supplier. For example, if the supplier’s selling price per item is 100 USD, you resell it for 120 USD.

2. Private Tutoring

Private tutoring is a business that is suitable for students, of course. Private tutoring is a profession in which a person carries out teaching activities. Here, the difference with general teachers is the scope of learning. Private tutors generally teach in a smaller scope of space and with a smaller number of students, which can be said to be small. Then who can be a private tutor? Generally, becoming a tutor is intended for someone who has skills or abilities in a certain field, such as IT, mathematics, English, and so on.

Les Tutor businesses include any type of business or service in the field of education. Of course, the prospects for this business are also very promising. Being a tutor certainly has its own happiness because it can help others to understand the materials we have conveyed and taught.

3. Independent Writer

Well, number three you can do anywhere, whether at home, on campus, even when you play to the house, even though you can still run. This business is very suitable for those of you who like to write. It is necessary to know that not many of them have expertise in the field of writing this article. Therefore, this online author business is very promising. You can find someone who needs your writing so that it can be published on their site, or if you have SEO skills and keyword optimization, you can create a site with your own design, but to buy your own domain, you have to be willing to spend a little of your money.

Maybe it’s a recommendation of 3 businesses that are suitable for students without capital. If you can afford to make extra money, why not Gulooh? It’s to ease the burden on parents, right. Good luck.