4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Reading Ability

Reading was indeed one of the many skills that must be possessed by everyone. Whether it’s reading school books, comics, novels, newspapers, magazines, and much more. People still read even though it seems that it has not been as much as before. 

The reason is that the times are also sophisticated all-round using technology. In fact, maybe for some people, they certainly feel that they need more encouragement or coercion to want to read, but more importantly, it is targeted and understands what things have been read even though it is just a little bit.

Apart from that, the root of the problem is not the difficulty of reading what is read but how to read when reading, whether it is effective or not. So, as much as possible, you should be able to have a habit of reading to help you understand or better understand everything in the book.

Well, to overcome some of the problems that have been mentioned earlier, there is a 4T technique that you can apply when reading, of course, to make it easier to read and understand and last longer in memory.

1. Purpose

Essentially, everything or whatever it is must have a clear direction and purpose, or else it is unclear how. is the same as reading a book, before reading it, you must determine the purpose first. What do you mean? It becomes more like you should be able to answer some questions. For example, “Why read that book? What are you looking for? What are the benefits” and so on so that it is not wrong and more selective also in choosing a reading book.

2. Ask

Every time you learn new things, do not just immediately believe without you knowing first what kind of facts included when reading, for example you can ask yourself, “Why should you learn and believe the knowledge in this book? How will the science therapy be done? Approximately when is the most tight time for the therapy of his knowledge?” That way, it can make you more sure of what to read.

3. Mark

Maybe not everyone likes this one thing, but believe that every time there is an interesting point from the book you are reading, it can help you to remember and be easier to see when it will be searched again later. There are various ways to mark it, whether it’s using sticky notes, highlighters, pencils, pens, and others.

4. Write

Finally, of everything you have read, try to write down some of the main points, free where the hell. Of course, it can be with several methods to make things easier as well, such as the Cornell methods, mind maps, flashcards, and so on. By writing, our right brain will also be much more active in working or processing related to what comes in than just reading.

Well, from the technique review earlier, which one do you want or have you therapy? Don’t forget to always practice it! Although actually growing the habit is initially difficult, if routinely done every day, it will definitely become a habit.